Introducing: A New & Stylish Way to Charge Your Mobile Device

Elegant, High Quality Chargers for Your Business Needs

With custom designs available, you're business can provide customers with an innovative and stylish way to charge their phones from the convenience of their table. No more asking for a charger. It's already there.

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Bringing Businesses into the Modern World

Chef Charger brings your restaurant, bar, or cafe into the modern world by providing customers the freedom to charge their phones without asking you to plug it in.

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No More Charging Phones Behind the Counter

Mobility is Key

Being able to connect with friends, family, and work is a top priority in today's day & age. With Chef Charger, your restaurant will be able to provide a discrete way to charge phones without the hassle of plugging into a wall.

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Like A Glass Of Water: ChefCharger Should Be Expected

Changing the way your restaurant charges.