Table Ad Stand, set of 4


This Table Ad Stand crafted elegantly from beautiful cherry wood in a natural tone will definitely accentuate the beauty of your dining table. Capable of charging smartphones for up to 8 hours non-stop. The set comprises 4 ad stands. Supplied with custom charging station capable of charging all 4 ad stands simultaneously overnight.


Product Description

Price shown is for 4 Ad Stands

Set: 4 Ad Stands, 1 custom charging pad, 1 110V outlet adapter, 4 USB to smartphone (Apple Lightning and microUSB) cables.

The ad stand has a battery inside and is capable of charging smartphones autonomously. The stands are recharged overnight on a special charging pad. The charging pad is capable of charging all the dispensers simultaneously. The charging pad prevents theft, making it impossible to recharge and use the chargers outside of the restaurant. 

Cherry solid wood
USB output
Day-long battery
Ad Stand base dimensions 2 1/8 ” x d3.5’’
Acrylic screen dimensions 9” x 3.5’’’ (screen dimensions can be customized upon your request)
Charging station dimensions 13.5” x 9.3’ ’х h0.27’’