Eco Design

100% high quality bamboo wood. Food-safe. Perfectly fits into your venue's atmosphere.

Theft Proof

Impossible to recharge it outside the restaurant: requires a special charging pad for recharging.

Extra Theft Protection

When offering charger to a patron, a bartender can keep their ID as collateral in one of the special compartments of the charging pad. Compatible with ChefCharger RFID anti-theft door sensor.

Convenient for Your Staff

Fast recharging. Distraction-free experience with the quickest plug/unplug to/from charging stations.

Great Promotional Tool

Order it with your restaurant's logo.


Protected from spills and moisture.

High capacity and compatibility

Allows charging up to 2 iPhones without recharging. Compatible with and safe for all types of smartphones and tablets.

Robust mechanical design

Two layers of thick metal inside make overall structure extremely robust.